Mission and Digital Vision

The vision of SAMSUNG Electronics is "Leading the Digital Convergence Revolution" and our mission to carry out this vision is "Digital-e Company."

There are two requirements for being "Digital-e Comapny," and the first is clearly about being "Digital" not just producing digital products, but products that inspire digital integration across our entire company. The second part of being "e" is to use e-Processes connecting R & D, production, and marketing to customers, partners and the market disciplined approach is the way we bring value to every part of our supply chain, including products data and customer relationship through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

LCD Business

SAMSUNG's LCD business is showing the way to a wider, brighter, and clearer window on the world. With the world's best display technology and our innovative, next-generation production techniques, we've held a steady claim on No. 1 in the LCD category.

We've invested in new production lines with timeliness and efficiency to assume leadership in all market segments from very small panels to the industry's largest. Our LCD business produces panels for digital information displays, notebook PCs and desktop monitors, as well as various display panels for mobile products.

Our milestones include developing the world's first truly double-sided LCD panel, which can display a different image on each side of the panel, and the first touch-screen-enabled LCD. Today, we're using our creativity and expertise to expand on our premium product lineup for the multimedia and digital broadcasting environments, while focusing on new businesses such as next-generation displays and thin film solar cells