Enterprise IT Solutions for Government

Today more than ever, government organizations depend on the ability to share and act on vital information – across agencies, functions, and borders. For these agencies, centralized applications are an essential requirement to support multiple branch locations. Many agencies also need to communicate with other agencies, often across state and national boundaries, adding further challenges to delivering applications over costly wide area network (WAN) links. Content privacy and security are essential to ensure that confidential information is not compromised.

Citrix can help IT teams and their executives meet these challenges, to enable agencies to effectively respond to emergencies, recover from disasters, and deliver basic services; increase worker productivity and efficiency; improve citizens’ satisfaction; and keep the costs of IT infrastructure low.

A solution that keeps pace with the business

At the heart of our solution is Citrix application delivery infrastructure, which gives IT the flexibility to change on demand, without changing the overall environment, and today is relied upon by IT teams and their strategic executives at more than 200,000 organizations throughout the world. Citrix application delivery infrastructure is the proven, worldwide solution for application delivery.

With Citrix’s solution, IT can:

  • Increase administrative efficiency and leverage existing infrastructure
  • Provide a higher level of service to citizens and employees
  • Deliver government applications and information to a geographically dispersed workforce securely
  • Increase application performance for local and distant agency locations
  • Enable authorized and secure information- and application-sharing across agencies
  • Ensure complete privacy of application content
  • Protect critical infrastructure in the event of a planned or unplanned outage
  • Provide complete disaster recovery capabilities
  • Reduce the encryption processing burden on application servers, ensuring increased application performance improved server utilization, and absolute content privacy
  • Provide security protection within the datacenter, including intrusion filtering, defense for DDoS attack and virus protection