Green Computing & Packaging

Numerous variables today go into our responsibility as a hardware reseller to ensure our customer's are meeting their requirements and obligations to help protect our environment. 

As a reseller we need to look at providing solutions that are meeting Energy Star Compliance and EPEAT Standards which help reduce energy consumption and the release of carbon emissions into the environment.  Other obligations include assisting in the recycling of packaging which all servers, desktop computers, notebooks, displays and accessories are being shipped in by the manufacturers of these products. 
At Compar we will work with our customers to ensure the products we sell meet or exceed the standards that have been set as a requirement by the State of MN and that we understand the initiatives the Governor and CIO of the State of MN and their "Green Initiative".

One of these initiatives includes a 50% reduction in energy consumption by the year 2010 of State owned computing equipment.  Energy Star rated computers and servers reduce energy consumption today by up to 60% in some cases which will help the State of MN reach their initiatives.  Some of these initiatives and how to meet them are listed below:

Reducing Energy Consumption for Client Computing

  • Developing Standards for Desktops, Notebooks and Displays that meet EPEAT Gold Standards
  • Power Management Utilities to help reduce power consumption
  • Low Voltage Processors from Intel and AMD
  • Thin Client Computing
  • Desktop / Client Virtualization

Data Center Strategies To Reduce Energy Consumption

  • Consolidation of servers with hardware consolidation, server O/S virtualization with VMWARE
  • Blade Servers vs. Traditional Rack Mount Servers - 40% - 50% more efficient power and cooling
  • Centralized Server and Data Management
  • Reducing White space in data center racks with blanking panels, improves airflow and data center efficiencies
  • Infrastructure Right Sizing, eliminate over-provisioning and reduce costs by 10% - 30%

Compar Custom Packaging

Compar will help develop custom packaging solutions for our customers including handling of recycling of packaging including cardboard and plastics that are shipped from manufacturers. At Compar we also have many bulk packaging options available to our customers for projects, rollouts, or just the single desktop or laptop to help in the reduction of waste for our customers and the benefit is a real cost savings for our customers.  This in turn allows out customer's IT employees to focus on their tasks and the needs of their end user customers.

Benson Boxes can be used to ship notebooks, desktops and servers and can be shipped multiple times over several years to help in reducing waste as well as increasing IT efficiency for our customers. Shipping without packaging allows your IT staff to more quickly deploy hardware to the end user, reduce the need for IT staff to dispose of the waste and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

Compar also will create custom packaging based on customer rollouts and projects to meet the demands of your IT staff. Compar will also work with our manufacturer partners and distributors on large projects to help manage and minimize the recycling and waste of the packaging that computers are shipped in today.   Please contact your sales representative if you would like to understand our programs and how we can help with this growing need to help our environment.

Here are several links to green computing initiatives of manufacturers and other IT organizations: